New Music: Fitzpleasure - alt-J

So it’s been since Christmas since my last post… wow! So here you go! To help you wake up from a late night study sesh or just enjoy summer days!

Fitzpleasure is a mega track from Alt-J. It’s not a heavy “dub” track but its a remix of Indy/Electronic and some deep synthy bass breakdowns, plus his voice will thoroughly draw you in. Have a listen mate! Comment or repost or like/love or message me and let me know what you think and also what other genres/types of music you’d like to hear!

Also if you like this here’s some more music for your listening pleasure.

by alt-J

A another bouncy remix by Drop Gobin. The synths at the beginning are sick and then it takes a turn into a heavy moving drop. Perfect for those crunk Christmas parties! it’s x-bumpmas time.

A gem from Goblin does a great job with this track by DJ Kool. Fun fact: he uses two iPads instead of a computer and it sounds sick! Bounce yur head people!

Believe it or not, but I was introduced to this track by Olek from Poland. Olek is a guy who is living in the hotel he works at in Frisco. I met him last week taking the Bus back from Breckenridge. I didn’t have anything to do for a couple hours so we chilled, in his room, talked, and listened to music. He showed me this track that he’d been listening to lately and I was instantly stoked on it. It’s got a sick beat/groove to it and ends with a huge drop. So listeners thank Olek from Poland, turn it up and enjoy this sick Dr. Dre Remix.

Solar Sailer - Daft Punk (Pretty Lights Remix)

I didn’t know that it could be possible that anyone could remix Daft Punk and come out with a better version of their song. Now I’m not saying that Pretty Lights has done it, but if anyone has come to the very brink of doing it is Pretty Lights. So turn up your speakers and let the music invade your ears and then let me know what you think!

Pretty Lights - Daft Punk Solar Sailer Remix by prettylights

Download: Mediafire or Hulkshare

One More Time - Mike Pinto

So here is a track from Mike Pinto. One of my friends showed it to me about a year ago but it’s such a great song to chill out to I had to post it. Listen and enjoy!

One More Time - Mike Pinto by mimoore

ABC - Jackson 5 (A.Skillz Remix)

So here is an A.Skillz Remix of ABC. I was listening to different music the other day and stumbled on this. It’s a fun lively track and I really like how it’s put together with the heavier bass. Have fun and dance!

ABC (A.Skillz Remix) by mimoore

Welcome To Jamrock - Savoy Remix

Welcome To Jamrock (Savoy Remix) by mimoore

Here’s a great track by Savoy. They played last night at Red Rocks with STS9 and straight destroyed! This song in particular was mind blowing so here is the track so you can have a taste of what it was like.


Today is the first of (I hope) a weekly post of 5 mellow songs that will start your week off right. If you’re having one of those typical Mondays play a track or two or all of them and relax and forget the rest for a few minutes. So without further ado MelloMonday#1.

MelloMonday#1 by mimoore

A Daigo Double-Mashing

So I have two tracks in one for you from DJ Daigo. Yes I know they’re both mashups (again) but they’re both well done. they are good jams to rock to and if you want more go to Enjoy anytime.

Juicy People - DJ Diago by mimoore

Hard Kick, Hard Push - DJ Diago by mimoore

The White Panda’s Pandamonium

I started listening to The White Panda last summer and was very impressed with their mashups. Well now they are out with a new mixtape called Pandamonium and all the songs are very solid and listenable. To give you a taste I picked one of my favorites, it’s a mashup of Stereo Love and No Hands. Turn it up and jam!

Stereo Hands - The White Panda by mimoore

To hear more go to

I found this track on Music Ninja and fell in love with it. It has the classic Pretty Lights touch with great drops and a healthy mix between original song and bass remixedness. Turn it up!

I have a new Hip-Hop band for you today called Rizzle Kicks. Rizzle and Sylvester are both from the UK which means strong british accents. Their song that I’m featuring today is called Miss Cigarette. It is a great chill track that has a free flow feeling. Pop it in your car, turn it up and cruise! 

I got to see Big Gigantic live at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks and they were mind blowing to say the least. So here is a great track from their album “A Place From Behind the Moon” Enjoy very loud!

This is (Kool Shit). There's lots of music. Listen to it and let it make your ears happy.

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